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Outsource I-9 Verifications to a Trusted Compliance Firm Like TrendSource

With I-9s + E-Verify now offered for free by the federal government, it seems a bit counterintuitive to continue paying for them to be completed. Why, when companies are permitted to remotely verify their New Hires for free with E-Verify, would they pay a compliance firm to handle it for them?

Why pay for something you can do for yourself for free, right?

Well, it’s what a human civilization based on specialization of labor does. You could make your own cheeseburgers, but you go to Jack in the Box. You can mow your own lawn…but you pay a gardener.

And what do you pay for? You pay for expertise, for efficiency, and because you just don’t want to do it yourself.

I-9 Verification Services: Peace of Mind and Confidence

virtual i9 verifications outsource

Here’s the thing about fast food and gardening, however—they are pretty darn low stakes. If you do away with the professionals to cook your own burger and mow your own lawn, well, good for you if you are able knock both chores out of the park. But if you mess either one up, it’s not the end of the world.

Your burgers might get overcooked and dry, your lawn might look out of sorts, but nothing much worse can happen—maybe food poisoning and the unlikely chance of running your own foot over with a lawn mower?

With employment eligibility verification, however, the stakes are much higher. Choosing to go at it yourself is fine with burgers but not with federal compliance.

Inaccurate and incomplete I-9s are serious business that can lead to fines and even prison.

TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications

i9 verifications virtual verification

Trusting compliance experts with this mandatory and highly regulated legal requirement makes good sense. Not just for peace of mind but also for operational efficiency.

Particularly for industries with high turnover rates, hiring can be a perpetual cycle that bogs down HR teams that should be focusing on company-wide initiatives. Requiring HR teams to complete I-9 Verifications with every New Hire accurately and efficiently is burdensome.

TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications are the outsourcing solution such HR teams need, one that allows them to outsource I-9 Verifications rapidly and accurately to compliance experts.

So, if you are feeling an independent, self-sufficient streak, go home and make yourself a nice cheeseburger and mow your lawn. But leave employment eligibility compliance to the experts with TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications.

Learn More About Virtual I-9 Verifications

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.