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CMS Event Audits Help AEP Staff Prepare for Showtime

Have you ever had the nightmare where you go on stage, and you don’t know your lines? Us neither. Seriously though, we’ve all had some form of this nightmare, where all eyes are on us, and we haven’t the foggiest clue what to say. Sure, the setting may change from person to person—from a classroom to a conference room or a stage—but the problem is always the same.

All eyes on you…and you got nothing.

Now, imagine that instead of not knowing your lines, you never got a chance to rehearse them. You practiced and practiced in front of the mirror, but then as soon as you got into the limelight, poof, you forgot everything you knew.

CMS Event Audits Senior Center

Well, for Medicare Advantage Plan providers’ frontline sales force, AEP can feel like one of these nightmares.

CMS Event Audits Are Like a Dress Rehearsal

Sure, the frontline event staff knows their lines—they’ve gone through crash course orientations at the very least, and many have experience in AEPs past.

But without CMS Compliance Audits, the events staff never truly gets to rehearse before their harshest critics show up for the performance. That’s because AEP events are closely monitored by CMS, which looks for violations to the strict mandates with which it regulates Medicare Advantage plans.

If these critics catch the salesperson in violation, their review will be harsh, with implications not only for their performance review but also their employer who may lose their contract with Medicare.

That’s why it is in everybody’s best interest to get as many practice reps in as possible, and that’s where TrendSource CMS Event Audits come in.

TrendSource CMS Event Audits

cms formal event compliance audits watching

With TrendSource CMS Event Audits, a Field Agent is sent to a particular CMS Event to monitor the salesperson just as a CMS auditor would. They ensure that the salesperson remains within CMS guidelines and regulations, submitting a report with their findings immediately after the event.

This report can then be used as a dress rehearsal—a way for a salesperson to evaluate their own performance with their management and support staff before CMS gets their crack at them.

For companies that sell Medicare Advantage Plans, it is vital to get the salespeople the experience they need to stay within CMS regulations. This experience comes from TrendSource’s CMS Event Audits.

Nobody wants to get on stage and feel underprepared, whether in dreams or in reality. CMS Event Audits help to avoid this nightmare scenario.

Learn More About CMS Compliance Audits

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.