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Remote Work is Slowly Going from Exception to Rule and Remote I-9 Verifications Can Help

Over the last year, employees across the country proved they could remain productive despite working from home, addressing one of the dominant concerns among employers regarding remote work. Now, employers are salivating at the opportunity to lower their overhead by reducing or removing office space, while also looking to mitigate other potential pitfalls.

One thing is certain, however. Remote employees require Remote I-9 Verification.

Remote Work Brings New Opportunities and Concerns

A recent survey from Enterprise Technology Research forecasts that the percentage of workers permanently working from home will double over 2021. That explains why Google is preparing for the world’s remote future, both in terms of its own staff and in its Workspace offerings.

Obviously, this is great for the cybersecurity and cloud storage industries, whose services become all the more essential when employees are logging into work from their homes. The rise of remote work also presents both challenges and opportunities for performance management and company engagement, which Talent Success managers will have to diligently solve for. And companies financial and legal arms are no doubt working to figure out how to shift compensation packages based on the cost of living where their workers reside, as well as the intricacies of the tax code when it comes to out-of-state workers.

remote i9 verification services home

We’ve already started to hear about companies offering relocation bonuses to workers who willingly move to states with lower costs of living and agree to a pay cut (Stripe offers a $20,000 one-time relocation bonus in exchange for a salary cut up to 10%).

Companies are already figuring out how to shift their current employees to remote life. Moving forward, however, they will also need to figure out how to onboard these remote hires. Once a company makes the decision to shift its workforce to remote, it makes little sense to continue hiring only within a certain radius of the company’s workspace. Suddenly, companies can draw from the entire nation’s talent pool, hiring the best people regardless of where they live.

TrendSource OSI Remote I-9 Verification

As jobs become less and less tied to specific locations, companies will find the need to onboard their remote employees as efficiently as possible. How can a company based in Dallas onboard their New Hire who works in Portland?

TrendSource’s Remote I-9 Verification services help them do just that. Whether it’s through a company’s contracted HR compliance management partner, or as part of the company’s native HR system, remote employment eligibility verification can prove challenging when employees are spread across the country.

remote i9 verification home work

With an efficient and established verification process (head here to learn all about it), TrendSource connects companies and their employees with its vast network of certified Field Agents, who meet New Hires in-person to verify their employment eligibility. This verification is, of course, required by the federal government for all New Hires.

As remote work becomes the new normal, companies must turn to a Remote I-9 Verification provider with a proven track record of efficiency and flexibility. TrendSource OnSite Inspections is, and should always be, that partner.

Learn More About Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.