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Ten Virtual I-9 Verification Questions and Answers

We understand that with any new product, people are going to have questions they need answered. We have compiled the top-ten questions people have about I-9s for remote workers and in-officer workers in general, and TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications specifically. Let's get started. 

Question: Are TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications entirely compliant with UCSC and DHS regulations?

Answer: Yes, TrendSource’s I-9 platform is up to date with the latest changes to Form I-9, and TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications are completely and entirely compliant with current regulations.

Question: Are New Hires required to find their own notary or another party to verify their identification as part of TrendSource’s Virtual Verifications?

Answer: No! That’s the beauty of the TrendSource Virtual Verification system—the New Hire is never asked to find somebody to verify their identity. Instead, they complete Section 2 virtually with a TrendSource Verification Specialist.

virtual i9 remote employee section 2

Question: Wait, what is a TrendSource Verification Specialist?

Answer: A TrendSource Verification Specialist is a TrendSource employee (all of whom go through background checks drug screenings), who has been trained to quickly and accurately complete Section 2 of Form I-9 with clients’ New Hires.

Question: Do TrendSource Virtual I-9s help verify remote workers and remote employees?

Answer: Yes, one of the great benefits of TrendSource Virtual I-9s is that it bridges the distance between New Hires and their companies, making it easy to efficiently onboard remote hires without the expense of bringing them into the office or the inefficiency of devoting in-house resources to employment eligibility verification.

Question: If filing I-9s is already free with E-Verify, what is the point of a third-party I-9 Verification like TrendSource’s Virtual I-9 Verifications?

Answer: It is true, companies are allowed to complete I-9s with E-Verify, which is free and allows them to verify their remote employees without meeting in-person. But this leaves room for error by both the New Hire and the company representative completing the I-9, and such errors can lead to fines and even imprisonment. Additionally, third-party I-9 Verifications unburden company’s Human Resources teams that are typically charged with this rote but highly important compliance task.

Question: How do I order TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications for remote and/or in-office employees?

Answer: Ordering I-9 Verifications is simple on TrendSource’s online ordering platform, but if more information is required before ordering, reaching out directly to a TrendSource Verification Specialist is the best way to go!

Question: How do New Hires experience Virtual Verifications?

Answer: That’s a great question! With New Hires, companies only get one first impression and ensuring their I-9 Verification process is smooth and hassle-free makes a very good impression. We recently wrote a blog about this very topic. Check it out!

Virtual I-9 Human Resources

Question: How quickly does TrendSource complete Virtual I-9 Verifications?

Answer: TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications are incredibly quick and can often be turned around within a day depending on how quickly the New Hire completes Section 1. That said, Virtual I-9 Verifications should be ordered 2 business days before the New Hire’s start date to ensure their I-9 is completed.

Question: How can TrendSource ensure that New Hire’s data and privacy are protected through the Verification Process?

Answer: TrendSource’s online I-9 environment is entirely secure and, more importantly, because TrendSource employees complete the Verification virtually, there is a direct line of accountability and traceability. This means that no gaps exist between the client and TrendSource.

Question: Is there a different I-9 Verification Process for Remote Workers?

Answer: The I-9 requirements are the same no matter if the employe works remotely or on-site in the office. This is why TrendSource uses identical processes to virtually verify employees, the TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verification.

Order Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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