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TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications: Convenience and Accuracy Where Employers Need It

With changes to the I-9 form and process, companies must stay on top of the evolving nature of employment eligibility compliance.

TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications are an efficient way for businesses to outsource their compliance efforts to an industry expert. This helps them unburden their often-overwhelmed HR teams while bringing accuracy and efficiency to a mandatory but oftentimes cumbersome process.

How TrendSource Does Virtual I-9 Verifications: A Simple 4-Step Process

TrendSource has developed a dedicated system to rapidly and efficiently complete Virtual I-9 Verifications on clients’ behalf.

Virtual I9 PhoneCall

Here’s how it works once a client places a Virtual I-9 Verification order:

  1. The New Hire receives an email from TrendSource, prompting them to log in to the TrendSource I-9 portal to complete Section 1 and upload copies of their identification documents.
  2. The New Hire then chooses a date and time from TrendSource’s scheduling calendar.
  3. At the appointed time, TrendSource virtually meets with the New Hire to complete Section 2.
  4. TrendSource takes it from there, completing E-Verify on the client’s behalf.

This process prioritizes convenience for the employer’s onboarding process while ensuring the I-9 is completed accurately the first time around. This process also benefits the New Hire, whose experience is seamless and user-friendly.

The TrendSource Compliance Difference

Virtual I9 Verifications Phone Meeting

TrendSource has over a decade of experience with I-9 Verifications, with its technologies evolving in tandem with I-9 requirements. But beyond that, TrendSource just knows compliance.

For over thirty years, TrendSource’s various compliance products have helped businesses navigate consumer reporting regulations, verify applicants to their networks, and execute due diligence before extending loans.

Businesses can trust TrendSource’s experience and infrastructure to quickly, accurately, and efficiently complete Virtual I-9 Verifications to keep them in compliance with constantly shifting employee eligibility requirements.

Questions? Contact a Virtual I-9 Specialist

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.