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What are Virtual I-9 Verifications and Why HR Departments Need Them

TrendSource now offers Virtual I-9 Verifications to businesses looking to add efficiency and accuracy to their employer eligibility compliance protocols.

This helps overburdened HR teams focus on larger-scale company initiatives and priorities that are not tied to this rote compliance task, which can prove cumbersome and challenging for New Hire and HR Rep alike.

Virtual I-9 Verifications are particularly useful for companies that consistently onboard large quantities of New Hires, saving their HR team from the huge burden this would create internally.

The Perpetual Hiring Cycle and I-9 Verifications

Virtual I-9 Verification one on one

There are various reasons a company will need to onboard mass quantities of New Hires every month.

For example, there is one fantastic reason companies may be on a huge hiring spree: business is booming and expanding. Even in this uncertain economy, some companies and industries are growing exponentially.

Another reason companies may need to onboard mass quantities of New Hires each month is less fun: turnover. Companies may experience high amounts of turnover in their industry owing to a host of causes. The food service industry, for example, loses employees quickly owing to the nature of the business, while similarly mining and manufacturing also experience high turnover.

Also, more generally, the last several years have been marked by high turnover across the spectrum of industries in the US economy. Whether it is quiet quitting or quiet firing, or pushing people to retirement to bring on younger (and less thoroughly compensated) blood—whatever it is, it seems like every HR manager on the planet currently is finding themselves under water.

TrendSource Virtual I-9 Verifications

Virtual I9 Verification Meeting

TrendSource’s Virtual I-9 Verifications—built upon TrendSource’s decades of compliance experience across multiple industries and regulations—are here to help.

With the strongest Quality Assurance team in the business, companies can rest assured that their New Hire’s I-9 will be completed on time and accurately. This helps companies ensure they are compliant with employment eligibility requirements, which state companies must I-9 individuals by their start date.

With the experience and infrastructure to coordinate Virtual I-9 Verifications nationwide, TrendSource I-9 Verifications are the right product for the right time.

Businesses can order Virtual I-9 Verifications through TrendSource’s online ordering platform.

Learn More About Virtual I-9 Verifications

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.