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What Types of Retail Compliance Inspections Does TrendSource Provide?

Among the many, many types of compliance inspections and audits TrendSource offers, Retail Audits are oftentimes overlooked in this compliance blog, where we typically focus on I-9 Verifications, OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting, and CMS Compliance Audits.

But some of our longest standing clients operate in retail, and we have worked with them for over a decade to help ensure frontline compliance with internal best practices as well compliance with agreements between retailer and manufacturer.

Below, we outline the different types of compliance for retail products that TrendSource offers.

Compliance for Retail: Retail Audits, Inspections, and Mystery Shops

retail audits mystery shopping grocery

TrendSource offers an array of retail audits and inspections, which some people still like to refer to as mystery shops (for some, an inspection becomes a mystery shop when it occurs in a retail environment). These include:

  • Merchandising Audits: TrendSource Field Agents visit retail locations in person or virtually to document whether retailers have honored their contractual obligations to their manufacturing partners, who want to ensure their merchandise if visible and highlighted in the manner stipulated.
  • Stock Audits: TrendSource Field Agents visit retail locations to record stock availability in real time, whether in-person or online, giving retailers insight into the ways stock moves through their stores and data to calibrate their relationships with suppliers.
  • Marketing Audits: TrendSource Field Agents visit franchised locations to document their compliance with centralized marketing initiatives, including seasonal signage, while also providing on-site measurements and specifications for optimal marketing materials.
  • Health and Safety Audits: TrendSource Field Agents visit retail locations to ensure frontline employees follow corporate dictates surrounding health and safety, whatever those internal standards may be.

Retail Audits: The TrendSource Difference

retail compliance audits inspections

TrendSource is an ideal partner for retailers, owing particularly to its proprietary, closed, nationwide network of Field Agents, ready and able to visit any retail location, anywhere in the country. This means that retailers can rest assured that their audit programs can achieve 100% coverage, whatever type of program they run.

Also, TrendSource has the infrastructure to operate both in-person and online programs simultaneously, meaning hybrid programs can report into the same client dashboard for quick and easy access.

TrendSource’s Quality Assurance team remains on hand to ensure that all field reports are accurate and complete.

Take together, the TrendSource difference is undeniable.

Learn More about Retail Audits.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.