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Nike Direct to Consumer Sales Soaring

Posted by Nick Bravo on 12/29/16 12:59 PM

Long before consumers crowded into Apple Stores and Tesla Showrooms, Niketown was way ahead of the curve. Nike direct to consumer sales began in 1990 with Portland’s Niketown, and, as technology has changed the ways consumers and brands interact within the retail landscape, Nike has emphasized and grown its DTC channel. Last quarter, DTC accounted for 27% of Nike’s $8 billion in revenue.

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Topics: Mobile Apps, Technology, Retail

New Concepts Broaden Automation in Grocery

Posted by Nick Bravo on 10/4/16 8:00 AM

Automation is already all around us, assuming everyday tasks we customarily associate with human labor. We see it in the fast food industry, we see it in retail, and, increasingly, we are seeing automation in grocery. Yes, self-checkout is already a mainstay at many grocery stores, but from Des Moines to Sweden and back to California, three stores in particular have driven automation into the grocery experience in truly novel, and potentially game-changing ways.

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Topics: Mobile Apps, Grocery, Technology, Automation

By the People and for the People: The Basket Grocery Savings App

Posted by Nick Bravo on 9/13/16 8:01 AM

“On your last grocery trip, did you pay the best price for items in your basket?” So asks the download page for Basket, a grocery shopping utility that promises pricing transparency for everyday Americans.

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Topics: Mobile Apps, Grocery, Big Data, Technology

Mobile Technology Is Changing The Check-Out Experience

Posted by Nicolette Shasky on 11/30/15 7:00 AM

A hot new technology trend has hit the market, and several industries are taking advantage: the mobile checkout movement. We’ve seen what can be accomplished with beacon technology, so it’s no surprise that mobile has more capabilities that can further enhance the shopping experience.

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Topics: Food Service, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Grocery, Consumer Behavior, Retail, Mobile Technology

Restaurants Are Evolving, Are You Ready For The Future?

Posted by Mike Linck on 10/20/15 7:48 AM

As a market research consultant in the food service Industry for the past 11 years, I’m blown away by how the industry has evolved, especially in these past couple of years.

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Topics: Food Service, Restaurant, Mobile Apps, Technology

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