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Can a Notary Complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification?

TrendSource continues answering common employer questions regarding I-9s and employment eligibility verification. I-9s are a fact of life for every employer, and oftentimes employers find the regulations surrounding employment are somewhat opaque.

Today, we are looking at whether a notary can verify an I-9 form, and, also, whether they should.

Can a Notary Verify an I-9 Form?

Yes, a notary can verify an I-9 form. But this does not make them special because quite literally anybody can complete an I-9 form as an employer’s authorized representative.

can notary complete i-9 verification

Notaries may have experience with official documents that make them seem like an ideal solution to verifying remote employees but, at the end of the day, they are no more official nor qualified than any other authorized representative.

So, while notaries are an acceptable solution for completing I-9s for remote employees, they are by no means the only solution nor are they the ideal one.

The Problems with Using a Notary to Complete an I-9 Form

The problem with notaries is that they typically operate locally and independently, meaning there are no large national networks of notaries that employers can tap into. This isn’t a problem when companies are looking to onboard local employees—just find a local notary and stick with her—but when looking to onboard remote employees, employers are better served by a national network of authorized agents who can meet with remote employees wherever they reside.

notary fill out form i-9 can

Otherwise, remote employees often shoulder the burden of finding a notary themselves. This is tedious and a poor introduction into a new company culture, where remote employees are left to fend for themselves to ensure they are authorized for employment before they can start working.

TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

TrendSource’s Field Agents, on the other hand, operate as part of our vast, proprietary Field Agent database. They are centrally connected to our Field Coordinators, who can pair a Field Agent with a New Hire wherever they reside.

This means that TrendSource’s Remote I-9 Verifications are consistent. No matter the employer, no matter the location, no matter the authorized agent, New Hires will have the same experience with a Remote I-9 Verification.

authorized representative not notary

Employers also find added convenience in the fact that all completed I-9 Verifications are kept in one place, TrendSource’s client dashboard, where each and every completed I-9 remains securely stored and can be accessed at any point.

Notaries can offer none of this consistency, flexibility, and reach.

So, while notaries technically can complete Form I-9, they are not the ideal choice for companies looking to complete I-9 for remote employees.

TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications, however, are that ideal solution.

Order Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.