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Manufacturer Market Research: JUUL E-Cigarettes Might Need Some Strategic Consulting

Posted by TrendSource on 3/7/18 11:40 AM

Adult smokers looking to quit, and much more problematically high school teenagers looking to both fit in and stand out, have really taken to the JUUL. Described as the “i-Phone of e-cigarettes”, the oh-so-small electronic cigarette debuted in 2015 and today is selling about 20 million products per month. Coming in fun flavors like crème brule, cool mint, mango, and mixed fruit, the device—which closely resembles a USB stick—is actually two separate pieces, a rechargeable battery and disposable nicotine cartridges (JUUL packs). The battery costs about $35, the cartridges about $16 per four pack.

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Topics: Business Strategy, Strategic Consulting, Technology, Manufacturing

Maximizing Value: Becoming an Employer of Choice

Posted by Jeff Lindeman on 9/29/16 11:47 AM

Business leaders often expend significant energy and effort trying to get $10 million in workforce productivity while only spending $9 million on personnel expense. They are disproportionately focusing on cost control at the expense of getting added value from their people. We’ve seen examples before: opting not to fill all available positions in order to save money, tweaking benefits to reduce employer costs, etc. 

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