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What is Permissible Purpose According to the FCRA?

Posted by TrendSource on 5/21/21 9:09 AM

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, in order to access consumer data, a company or individual must demonstrate a “permissible purpose” for doing so. This privacy measure is mandated, obviously, to restrict who can access credit reports in order to protect consumers from identity theft, discrimination, and fraud. 

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, Consumer Reporting, Debt

Good for Debt Collection, Bad for Millennials: How the Pandemic Accelerated Credit Card Debt

Posted by TrendSource on 3/4/21 2:31 PM

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at the nation’s forthcoming delayed debt crisis. Last week, we considered how foreclosures and auto repossessions will likely increase over the next year as borrowers are forced to repay debts that were postponed during the height of the pandemic. Repossession Lot Inspections and Occupancy Verification Inspections, we argued, will become all the more important in this light.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, Debt Collection Inspections, Debt

Postponed Pandemic Debt, Foreclosures, And Occupancy Verification Inspections

Posted by TrendSource on 2/26/21 12:08 PM

Earlier, we described how the looming delayed debt crisis will likely lead to an increase in auto repossessions (and the need for Repossession Lot Inspections) over the next year. We are continuing to examine this forthcoming crisis, today looking at how foreclosures are similarly expected to rise in this period.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, Occupancy Verification, Repossession Lot Inspections, Debt

As Pandemic Debt Catches Up to Borrowers, Repossession Lot Inspections are More Necessary than Ever

Posted by TrendSource on 2/26/21 7:49 AM

A lot of people have struggled through the pandemic as unemployment, medical costs, and a general economic decline all seemingly conspired against American households over the last year.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, Occupancy Verification, Repossession Lot Inspections, Virtual OnSite Inspections, Debt

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