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TrendSource I-9 Verifications for Remote Employees that Fulfill the In-Person Requirements

Businesses are running out of time—DHS will reinstate the in-person requirements for I-9 Verification on July 31. Any employees hired after that date will be required to complete their I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification in person. Any employee hired before that date who completed their I-9 virtually will be required to re-verify their eligibility in-person.

As companies try to do more with less amid concerns about inflation and recession, it is far too costly and impractical to bring remote New Hires into the office just to complete their I-9 in person.

Thankfully, there are alternative solutions to this conundrum, namely TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications, which meets the in-person requirements for I-9 Verification.

verify remote i-9 documents meeting

How TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications Work

TrendSource Remote I-9 Verifications take advantage of TrendSource’s extensive, proprietary, nationwide database of Field Agents. With Field Agents spread across the entire country, TrendSource can easily find an Agent local to a company’s Remote New Hire.

This agent, serving as an authorized representative, meets with the company’s New Hire and together the complete Section 2 of Form I-9 (the section that must be completed in-person). The Agent photographs the New Hire’s identification documents and the completed I-9 is rapidly available in the client’s dashboard.

We recently wrote a blog about how Remote I-9 Verifications work, and another about how New Hires experience Remote I-9 Verifications. Check them out for more information.

How to Order Remote I-9 Verifications from TrendSource

remote i-9 verification public meeting

TrendSource makes it easy for businesses to order Remote I-9 Verifications, offering a simple-to-use online ordering platform in which businesses can order Verifications a-la-carte or in bulk.

With completed I-9s available in the Client Dashboard, TrendSource offers an entirely digital I-9 Verification experience, bringing understanding and ease to an often cumbersome and complex process.

Order I-9 Verifications.

Order Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.