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How Employers Can Order Remote I-9- Verifications Online

Posted by TrendSource on 9/15/22 1:05 PM

In our current moment, characterized by rapid turnover and increasingly remote and hybrid workforces, employers are rightly looking for easier and more efficient ways to onboard their remote employees. Key among these onboarding efforts is employer compliance, namely I-9 Verifications.

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Topics: I-9 verification, Remote I-9 Verification, Order Online, Compliance for Employers

Home Price Increases Forecasted to Slow in 2022; OnSite Inspections for Consume Reporting Will Not

Posted by TrendSource on 12/10/21 11:56 AM

It seems that 2022 will likely be a good year to be in the credit reselling business, as home sales to first-time buyers are expected to increase. This is because house price increases will level out over the next twelve months, at least according to Realtor.com. 

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, OSI, Consumer Reporting, Order Online

With COVID-19 Surges Forecasted for Holiday Season, Virtual OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting Again Become Paramount for Compliance Needs

Posted by TrendSource on 11/23/21 2:01 PM

Is it possible that we are entering the fifth wave of our national COVID-19 pandemic/nightmare? 

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Topics: OSI, COVID-19, Consumer Reporting, Virtual OnSite Inspections, Order Online

What Types of Inspections and Verifications Can Be Ordered and Purchased Online?

Posted by TrendSource on 8/13/21 9:04 AM

TrendSouce’s online ordering and purchasing platform streamlines compliance management, allowing businesses to quickly and efficiently order and purchase Inspections and Verifications with a few clicks of the mouse.

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Topics: OnSite Inspections, I-9 verification, OSI, Remote I-9 Verification, Consumer Reporting, Virtual OnSite Inspections, Order Online

How Remote I-9 Verifications Work: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted by TrendSource on 7/23/21 12:13 PM

TrendSource continues to offer Remote I-9 Verification for employers who need to comply with federal employment eligibility regulations for New Hires. 

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Topics: I-9 verification, OSI, Remote I-9 Verification, Order Online

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