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TrendSource I-9 Reverifications Help Companies Meet August 30 In-Person Deadline

The deadline to reverify all employees who remotely completed their I-9 during the temporary pause of the in-person I-9 requirements is rapidly approaching. Companies have until August 30 to complete an in-person verification for every employee remotely verified between 2020 and 2023, or they will fall out of employment eligibility compliance.

Companies that are appropriately risk averse do not want to fall out of compliance with federal employment requirements, and with the August 30 deadline rapidly approaching, they are looking for in-person verification solutions.

How can companies quickly and efficiently reverify their remote employees by the August 30 deadline?

i-9 reverification verification deadline

How TrendSource Does I-9 Reverifications

TrendSource I-9 Reverifications help companies quickly solve for this problem, no matter how many employees they need reverified, and no matter where these employees reside. By relying on its nationwide, proprietary database of Field Agents, TrendSource can help companies fulfill the in-person reverification requirement in compliance with current DHS policy.

Companies simply need select I-9 reverification on TrendSource’s online ordering platform. From there, they are prompted to submit original, remote I-9 Verification into TrendSource’s dedicated I-9 environment, via API or PDF.

TrendSource then schedules a Field Agent to meet with the employee, who shows the Agent the original form(s) of identification used. The Agent confirms the original I-9 matches the identification document(s), annotates the I-9 as appropriate, and the employee is reverified.

This meets all in-person requirements for I-9 verifications as outlined by DHS.

i9 reverification identification

Companies can order as many I-9s Reverifications at a time as they need.

And if the employee, for whatever reason, does not have the original form(s) of identification they used on their remote I-9 verification, the Field Agent can quickly pivot to completing a fresh Section 2 for the employee.

Either way, so long as the employee brings appropriate identification, the employee leaves the in-person meeting with the TrendSource Field Agent having been verified.

TrendSource I-9 Verifications and Reverifications + E-Verify

TrendSource has long offered I-9 Verifications, and Reverifications are built atop the same tried and true infrastructure.

TrendSource’s proprietary, nationwide database of Field Agents serves as solid foundation for in-person verifications, and TrendSource’s Field Agents consistently receive highest marks for their professionalism and accuracy.

Learn more about TrendSource I-9 Verifications and Reverifications.

Order Remote I-9 Verifications + E-Verify

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.