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How Bud Light is Trying to Keep Up with Shifting Tastes (hint: Beverage Industry Market Research)

Posted by TrendSource on 12/11/18 11:23 AM

Lately it seems as though Bud Light has fewer and fewer buddies.

Facing challenges from the domestic craft beer revolution, foreign imports, and wine and spirits, brands like Bud Light have seen their sales and market share erode over the past several years.

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Topics: Beverage, CPG, Millenials, Marketing, Tom Brady

A Market Research Buffet: How All-You-Can-Eats Can Make Money

Posted by TrendSource on 11/1/18 9:56 AM

We set our own editorial calendar, but every now and again, a casual workplace question becomes an internal debate…and then becomes a blog topic.

Recently, a lively discussion ensued in TrendSource's lunchroom about how (and, indeed, if) all-you-can-eat (AYCE) establishments could possibly succeed. You know what we mean—AYCE buffets ranging from pizza to Chinese, AYCE restaurants like Korean BBQ and sushi, how do they stay afloat?

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Topics: Food Service, Food, Market Research, Tom Brady, Beyoncé

Meal Kit Providers Are Getting Burned by Churn: What the Market Research Says

Posted by TrendSource on 8/1/18 11:41 AM

When meal kits became a thing around 2012, their approach seemed as fresh and timely as the food they provided. With 80% of meals (and half of restaurant orders) consumed at home, meal kits were potentially a perfectly timed hybrid. Appealing to foodies’ adventurous desire to take a guided exploration of unfamiliar cuisine while streamlining the multiple steps required to prepare a home-cooked meal, Blue Apron and the like utilized the subscription model that has served so many industries well (except for you, MoviePass)

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Topics: Grocery, Grocery Delivery, CPG, Manufacturing, Tom Brady, Beyoncé, Amazon

Oprah, True Food Kitchen, and the 2018 Food Service Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on 7/17/18 10:04 AM

Oprah Winfrey (mogul, television personality, and noted American treasure) is buying in to an already hot commodity. The monoymous Emmy and Peabody winner recently invested an undisclosed sum in True Food Kitchen, a Phoenix-based health food restaurant chain that launched in 2008 and currently boasts 23 locations in trendy urban neighborhoods across the country. 

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Topics: Food Service, Food, Health Food, Beyoncé, Tom Brady

Banked it or Tanked it: Looking Back on Our Food and Grocery Market Research Blog

Posted by TrendSource on 10/4/17 12:00 AM

We fancy ourselves forward thinkers here at TrendSource, always looking for the next big trend, the next great disruptor to report to our clients and to report in our food and grocery market research blog. But with all that forward thinking, sometimes we forget to look back, to revisit what we’ve said in the past, how it has panned out (or if it should just be panned), and what is to come.

So, follow us through what we hope will become a semi-regular exercise, Banked it or Tanked it,  as we check-in on five topics we blogged about in the past, giving necessary updates and either patting ourselves on the back or kicking ourselves in the pants.
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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Restaurant, Grocery, Grocery Delivery, Technology, Millenials, Tom Brady

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