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2019 Alcohol Industry Report: The Who, When, and Why of Alcohol Purchases

Alcohol is big business—sure, cannabis is starting to encroach on the after work ‘take the edge off’ market, but alcohol remains as American as apple pie (which is also a type of moonshine). Among changing demographics, social attitudes, and relationships to substances, we thought it was a good time to put our finger on the pulse of the drinking nation.

And with that, we are happy to pop the cork on the 2019 Alcohol Industry Report, which surveys consumers’ prevailing attitudes, practices, and preferences in the alcohol market.

Do Men Drink More than Women? Some Gender Surprises

We all have ideas about drinking and gender; according to popular stereotypes and general opinion, men drink significantly more than women. Close your eyes and imagine somebody pounding a beer or taking a shot of liquor…it’s likely you are imagining a man.

Our data, however, shows that the opposite is true: women drink more often than their male counterparts, and are likelier to drink more per sitting. Whether this is happening at book club, wine night, or bottomless brunch mimosas, we cannot say; it is just clear from the data that our female respondents are better friends to the alcohol industry today than men.

Which Generation Drinks Alcohol Most Often?

Speaking of surprises, which generation would you guess is the likeliest to drink every day? You are about to guess people in early twenties, millennial 1s.

alcohol industry report beer

Wrong! It’s our oldest respondents who proved likeliest to drink every day, with the silent generation proving nearly four times likelier than any other generation. Oh, to be retired.

It is worth noting, however, that not a single silent generation respondent indicated they ever had more than 1-2 drinks per sitting. Cocktail hour happens every day…but, according to our study, it does not go all the way to last man standing.

What Income Groups Drink the Most?

There are some embedded class stereotypes that suggest lower income populations drink more than their wealthier peers. Our 2019 Alcohol Industry Report directly contradicts this, with households earning more than $100,000 proving likelier to drink in every possible social situation and context.

Perhaps this is about cost—they can afford to drink anywhere they want—perhaps it is cultural, but regardless, it is something manufacturers should be aware of.

What Else is in the 2019 Alcohol Industry Report?

Beyond the who, the when, and the how much, our report offers actionable insights into purchase channels, pain points, and shifting preferences.

Are people receptive to the idea of on-demand alcohol delivery, is the microbrewery bubble close to bursting, and what the heck is up with millennials love of wine? Find out the answers to these and many, many more questions by downloading the full report.

2019 Alcohol Industry Report

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.