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Measuring Customer Satisfaction: 4 Tactics To Fight Lidl Grocery Invasion

Posted by TrendSource on 3/8/17 9:02 AM

Accurately measuring customer satisfaction in the cutthroat-competitive grocery marketplace is key to avoiding defections. This is especially true as newcomers seemingly emerge every day, and none more frightening than Lidl.

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Topics: Customer Intercepts, Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, Grocery, Customer Surveys

Quantitative + Qualitative:  A Successful Methodology Marriage

Posted by Nick Bravo on 9/22/16 8:00 AM

When an international manufacturer sought a complete portrait of their customers—their entry points, profiles, purchasing habits, and overall journey—they knew what information they needed but did not necessarily know how to uncover it. Not understanding which research solutions would answer their questions, they additionally lacked the infrastructure and experience to unleash multiple national research programs.

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Topics: Market Research, Research, Customer Intercepts, Merchandise Audits, Customer Surveys

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