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Nick Bravo

Nick Bravo
Nick has been with TrendSource since 2014 in a variety of rolls across both Operations and Marketing. He holds a BA and PhD in History but fled the academy for the business world where he utilizes his research, analysis, and writing skills to uncover and report trends and offer insights. He is particularly interested in the intersections of pop culture and commerce, the evolving role of technology across various industries, and most things related to food and clothing.
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Post-Holiday Retail Study: Of Purchase Intentions and Realities

Posted by Nick Bravo on 2/9/17 8:22 AM

The Holidays sure fly by, don’t they? The hustle and bustle of traveling and hosting, cooking and cleaning, and of course holiday shopping leave time for little else. And then, it’s over.

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Topics: Consumer Insights, Consumer Surveys, Holiday Shopping, Consumer Behavior, Retail

Ethnic Grocery Stores Coming out of their Niche

Posted by Nick Bravo on 1/19/17 10:53 AM

Over a decade ago, private investors started pouring money into organic and natural stores, sparking a mainstream revolution that led to Sprouts and other mainstays on today’s grocery landscape. Now, according to Supermarket News, ethnic grocery stores, particularly those catering to Hispanic Americans, are getting the same kind of attention.

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Topics: Market Research, Grocery

Functional Fashion: Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear

Posted by Nick Bravo on 1/17/17 7:55 AM

Clothes are becoming more functional, promising to do more than merely cover the body by also providing tangible benefits. We’ve seen similar trends in beverages, and now the next wave of functionality is upon us with the recently announced Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. The pajamas priced at roughly $100 promise to promote recovery from athletic strain as well as a host of other benefits while the wearer sleeps.

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Topics: Technology, Retail, Fashion, Manufacturing, Tom Brady

Hard Skills and Transition Fills: The Top AEP 2017 Violations

Posted by Nick Bravo on 1/11/17 1:07 PM

During Medicare’s Annual Election Period (AEP), TrendSource Trusted Insight designs and executes secret shop programs for over 30 Medicare Advantage plans, helping companies ensure their sales agents comply with mandated CMS guidelines. Based on more than 4,000 individual projects, we identified the top violation per audit type and, while some have appeared in years past, others were previously unseen. By alerting our clients to these issues, they were able to implement corrective actions. Below, we outline, in no specific order, some of the top AEP 2017 violations.

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Topics: CMS, Health Care, Healthcare Solutions, CMS Compliance, AEP, Health Care Compliance

Nike Direct to Consumer Sales Soaring

Posted by Nick Bravo on 12/29/16 12:59 PM

Long before consumers crowded into Apple Stores and Tesla Showrooms, Niketown was way ahead of the curve. Nike direct to consumer sales began in 1990 with Portland’s Niketown, and, as technology has changed the ways consumers and brands interact within the retail landscape, Nike has emphasized and grown its DTC channel. Last quarter, DTC accounted for 27% of Nike’s $8 billion in revenue.

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Topics: Mobile Apps, Technology, Retail

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