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LOL Surprise Dolls, Unboxing Not So Surprising with Manufacturing Market Research

Posted by TrendSource on 6/27/19 9:05 AM

Ok, let’s talk about toys. Your humble blogger just spent a week-long family reunion marveling as his slew of nieces passed the hours watching other people open toys on YouTube. Subsequent investigation led me the following set of understandings: 1) LOL Surprise dolls are the hottest toy on the planet, 2) Children are as happy watching people open them on YouTube as they are playing with them themselves, and, 3) They are a manufacturing market research marvel.

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Topics: Market Research, Social Media, Manufacturing, Toys, Beyoncé

What is Slime and Can Market Research Help Manufacturers Capitalize?

Posted by TrendSource on 11/2/17 11:08 AM

There has been a run on glue lately, which, in addition to explaining why it’s been so quiet at the horse stables, led us to a strange answer: glue is selling out because droves of young people are using it and other household goods to make slime, the hottest trend of 2017 this side of the fidget spinner.

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Topics: Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Toys

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