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Uber: Where Transportation and Food Service Market Research Meet

Posted by TrendSource on 7/9/20 9:07 AM

When I turned 30, I gave up driving entirely. Your humble blogger, you see, has a bit of an aggressive personality, and I came to realize that I was making myself and everybody around me miserable when I was on the road (I also got like 4 tickets in two months, surely a soCal record). My abdication of the drivers’ seat was well-timed, however, and I easily transitioned from the front seat of my Civic to the back seat of the burgeoning ride-share economy. 

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Topics: Market Research, Food Service, Digital Technology, Delivery, Transportation

COVID-19 Transportation Market Research: Public Transit Facing Existential Crisis

Posted by TrendSource on 4/1/20 9:18 AM

When the public is encouraged to shelter in place, it’s not a great time to be operating a public transportation system built to move them around. Such is the current state of US public transportation authorities in the age of coronavirus. 

Of course, ridership has always fluctuated for reasons beyond agencies’ control like weather, the economy, and, recently, the increasing availability of ride share apps like Lyft and Uber. But what is happening now is something entirely different (and has been enough to keep your humble blogger off the LA Metro since March 9).

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Topics: Market Research, Transportation, COVID-19

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