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2018 Grocery Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on September 27, 2018

TrendSource’s 2018 Grocery Industry Report is centered around omnichannel adoption, asking, to what extent are consumers turning to digital solutions to fill in their grocery shopping gaps, what they like about in-store experiences that digital cannot replace, and how grocer’s can optimize both their in-store and digital operations.

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2017 Grocery Industry Report

Posted by TrendSource on July 05, 2017


Learn the state of the grocery industry - online & brick-and-mortar - in our 2017 Grocery Industry Report, which covers the following topics:

  • The real reason Amazon wants to buy Whole Foods
  • How customers find and add items to their digital shopping cart when grocery shopping online
  • Statistical deep dives into meal kit, bulk bin, and ethnic aisle shoppers’ purchasing behaviors
  • A generation-by-generation breakdown of online grocery shopping (spoiler alert: it’s not just millennials)
  • Much more

Find these and other insights by downloading the full report now...

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