Advanced Analytics Predictive Model Helps Client Optimize Future Advertising Campaigns

Posted by TrendSource on September 28, 2018

Background and Client Objectives 

A state-sponsored gaming program came to TrendSource to validate and optimize a recent advertising campaign, looking to both increase its efficacy and forecast its future ROI. To do this, they needed to learn more about dedicated and casual players, and tailor their advertising medium and message to those individuals to ultimately increase play and revenue.

Specifically, they hoped to uncover advertisement penetration by medium—ranging from signage and billboards to online, TV, and radio—among frequent and infrequent players. What was the market share distribution among frequent and infrequent players, how could these players best be reached with additional advertising campaigns, and what financial benefit could be expected?

Program Development and Methodology

TrendSource relied on its extensive experience in data collection and analysis to determine the appropriate market research methodologies and analytical frameworks. In this case, TrendSource knew customer intercepts offered the client the necessary qualitative and quantitative data streams, while also providing the flexibility required to deploy an adaptive and penetrating inquiry. In close consultation with the client, TrendSource developed a dynamic survey that evolved based on respondents’ gaming experience and advertising exposure.

Questionnaire in hand, TrendSource dispatched tablet-equipped Field Agents from its nationwide, proprietary database to intercept 600 consumers at gaming sales points across the state such as liquor stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. This proportional sampling strategy provided depth and efficiency, equipping the client with the answers it needed without excessive in-field sampling. 

Results and Analysis

TrendSource’s analytics team developed a model that tangibly tied economic benefit (through increased play) to advertising spend, and to further quantify future benefit based on increased advertising.  This means that Trendsource confidently reported to the client the attendant increase in game play expected per every advertising dollar spent.

 TrendSource further uncovered primary play motivations for frequent and infrequent players alike, and outlined advertising strategies to most directly influence future play, giving the client a roadmap to optimal advertising messaging and medium.


With a predictive model tying play increase to advertising campaigns, the client was able to validate its advertising campaign and justify increases to its budget, while also optimizing that campaign with the insights TrendSource provided.

Collecting data is only half of the battle. TrendSource’s deep experience in consumer insights meant the right research methodology was selected and precisely executed to deliver quality data. In the hands of the analytics team, these data streams became a predictive model both optimizing and validating advertising spend to increase play and profits.

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