How a Penetrating Executive Summary Helps Non-Profit Refine Marketing and Advertising Efforts

Posted by TrendSource on May 10, 2019

Background and Client Objectives

A non-profit wanted to understand how participants in a government-subsidized program received and perceived their marketing and advertising efforts across newspaper, radio, social media, and television. Which advertising forms could be validated as program drivers, which could not, and how could their campaigns be refined to ensure maximum efficacy?

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Topics: Market Research, Customer Intercepts, Analytics

Advanced Analytics Predictive Model Helps Client Optimize Future Advertising Campaigns

Posted by TrendSource on September 28, 2018

Background and Client Objectives 

A state-sponsored gaming program came to TrendSource to validate and optimize a recent advertising campaign, looking to both increase its efficacy and forecast its future ROI. To do this, they needed to learn more about dedicated and casual players, and tailor their advertising medium and message to those individuals to ultimately increase play and revenue.

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Topics: Market Research, predictive analytics, Customer Intercepts, Analytics

Customer Intercepts Offer Rapid and Precise Insights

Posted by TrendSource on August 10, 2018

Background and Client Objectives 

A state sponsored gaming program approached TrendSource looking to validate their investment in a recently-deployed branding initiative. Specifically, they wanted to understand if their use of well-known characters and figures appealed to active and potential players and, if so, to what extent. In what ways did this branding resonate with the public, encourage play, and strengthen the overall perception of the client? Additionally, they wanted to understand the overall user experience as it related to this particular gaming terminal.  

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Topics: Market Research, Customer Intercepts, Data Collection

National Grocer Avoids Potential Loss: Customer Intercepts Case Study

Posted by TrendSource on June 26, 2015

Client Objectives 

A national grocer came to TrendSource to determine the viability of a new private label brand that had been distributed to select stores prior to an enterprise-wide launch.

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Topics: Customer Intercepts, Grocery