Integrating Customer Sentiment into Retail Email Best Practices

Posted by TrendSource on March 30, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

A regional retailer realized they lacked a viable email marketing strategy. While they had enrolled many customers into their email subscriber database, their digital outreach followed a “kitchen sink” approach: email frequency, content, and tone were inconsistent.

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Topics: Customer Behavior, Customer Experience, Grocery, Digital Technology

Battling Price Perceptions: Grocer Seeks to Understand Customers

Posted by TrendSource on July 28, 2016

Phase One: Client Objective

A Fortune 500 grocer came to TrendSource with a need to gain a better understanding of their customers and perceptions of their competition in a specific region. Specifically, the client hoped to determine customers’ perceptions of their prices, quality and service in comparison to their competitors. Key questions were identified:

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Topics: Customer Behavior, Grocery