Technology Company Uses Mystery Shops to Ensure Telecommunications Partner's Best Retail Practices

Posted by TrendSource on July 29, 2019

Background and Client Objectives

A global technology company offering an array of products and services was rolling out and aggressively marketing its new cloud storage service. Along the way, they realized they needed to ensure their telecommunications partners were adequately and accurately informing customers of the new service, as per the terms of their contractual agreement.

Essentially, the client needed to measure product sales knowledge and service standards of their telecommunications partner’s associates across various in-store scenarios and determine whether marketing materials were displayed appropriately in their telecommunications partner’s stores throughout the United States. They came to TrendSource with these two objectives, looking for a flexible and in-depth way to check-in on the telecommunications partners’ hundreds of US locations.

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Topics: Analytics, Mystery Shopping, Technology, Mobile Technology

Online and Offline Mystery Shops Perfect Search Engine Algorithm

Posted by TrendSource on May 09, 2017

Background and Client Objectives

A top global search engine created a fintech service that used proprietary algorithms to pair would-be borrowers with lenders advertising on their platform.

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Topics: Mystery Shopping, Technology, Finance, Fintech

Managing Products Through In-Store Retail Channels

Posted by Admin on June 26, 2015

Client Objectives

During a key new product launch, retail partners of a global electronics manufacturer were provided training to ensure that Product X was properly positioned to customers seeking to make a purchase.

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Topics: Technology, Retail, Manufacturing