Competitor Analysis Research and Mystery Shops Help Grocer Build Omnichannel Service

Posted by TrendSource on March 27, 2018

Background and Client Objectives

A national grocer came to TrendSource looking to evaluate the competitive success of a recently developed omnichannel sales platform, in which customers placed orders online and picked them up in store. This being a relatively new service in the industry, the client lacked an understanding of how to appropriately measure its success relative to the competition, as well as a clear idea of who—region by region—the competition actually was. Thus, they came to TrendSource not only looking to evaluate their recently developed program, but also to determine how best to benchmark and evaluate it.

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Topics: Market Research, Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping, Omnichannel

Customer Pricing Perceptions in the Grocery Industry

Posted by Admin on June 26, 2015


Client Objectives

A supermarket chain came to TrendSource with a specific request — to confirm or dispel the customer perception that their prices were more expensive than the competition.

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Topics: Strategic Consulting, Competitive Intelligence, Grocery