Customer Intercepts Offer Rapid and Precise Insights

Posted by TrendSource on August 10, 2018

Background and Client Objectives 

A state sponsored gaming program approached TrendSource looking to validate their investment in a recently-deployed branding initiative. Specifically, they wanted to understand if their use of well-known characters and figures appealed to active and potential players and, if so, to what extent. In what ways did this branding resonate with the public, encourage play, and strengthen the overall perception of the client? Additionally, they wanted to understand the overall user experience as it related to this particular gaming terminal.  

Methodology and Program Development 

TrendSource determined that customer intercepts would provide the data set the client required and dispatched Field Agents to the restaurants, bars, and cafes in which the games were located. Because the client required insight into both potential and active players, TrendSource developed a responsively dynamic questionnaire that addressed each of the client's points of inquiry and instructed Field Agents to intercept people who had just finished the game, were just about to begin playing, and who had passed it by without interaction.  

After the client approved the questionnaire, TrendSource Field Agents conducted over 300 interviews across the state, compiling a robust data set that addressed the client's research questions in a meaningful way. 

Results and Conclusion 

With its proprietary, nation-wide Field Agent Database, TrendSource easily deployed Field Agents at each location the client required. TrendSource provided Field Agents detailed instructions to ensure customer intercepts occurred in the correct time, place, and situation, and with a flexible questionnaire, easily compiled the required data.  

Oftentimes, clients require full service data collection, analysis, and summary. In this particular case, however, the client sought a well-organized, cross-tabulated data set to very specific standards, and summary level results. While TrendSource offers and regularly provides much deeper analytical insight, client need must always determine the depth of inquiry. As a provider that always custom builds programs based on client objectives, TrendSource willingly delivered the a la carte dataset the client required. 

Topics: Market Research, Customer Intercepts, Data Collection