National Grocer Avoids Potential Loss: Customer Intercepts Case Study

Posted by TrendSource on June 26, 2015

Client Objectives 

A national grocer came to TrendSource to determine the viability of a new private label brand that had been distributed to select stores prior to an enterprise-wide launch. The new brand targeted health-conscious consumers and intended to provide an alternative to leading name brand products. The client was seeking information about customer perceptions of the new brand’s appeal and packaging in select stores.

Program Development

TrendSource determined that customer intercepts (exit interviews) would be the best methodology for collecting perceptions on-the-spot. MSI Field Agents serving as professional interviewers were stationed in the aisles where new products were located. Through TrendSource’s collaborative process, the program objectives became clear:

• Understand if target customers were receiving the intended message based on the brand packaging and visual appeal
• Understand customer sentiments surrounding the message received, whether positive or negative

Analysis and Results

• Notifying store personnel to ensure understanding and collaboration with Field Agents while on site
• Successful questionnaire design using a survey instrument that would gather the needed perceptions
• Screening, selection and proper orientation of TrendSource Field Agents to ensure professionalism
• Limited interaction with customers; only approaching those actively shopping for the product category
• Appropriate incentives for customers to ensure participation

Keys to Successful Implementation

Intent to Purchase Based on Brand PackagingA total of 100 interviews were completed at each store location with electronic results available. Within three weeks from the date that the Client presented the request, executive summary results were provided. Results revealed:

• The intended brand message was not received.
• Customer sentiments were not favorable.
• The results provided the necessary data to support delay of an enterprise-wide launch until another creative approach could be determined.
• The client avoided a potential loss of millions from distribution and product manufacturing costs.

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Topics: Customer Intercepts, Grocery