Uncovering Employee Behaviors That Drive Customer Loyalty

Posted by TrendSource on March 30, 2016

TrendSource understands that driving major initiatives, especially for large organizations, can take time and require endurance as well as a lot of hard work. Resources are always limited, so we view the primary objective of our research results as a way to ensure that we are optimizing those limited resources. This requires that our research is directed, well-designed and provides specific recommendations that can be acted on quickly.

Phase 1
Background & Methodology

A Fortune 100 client came to TrendSource with a need to identify and validate behaviors of employees within a specific department to determine what drives customer perceptions of service. TrendSource recommended a research approach that included measuring employee behavior against the client’s independent customer tracking data streams.

The approach included comprehensive analysis of data from in-store research to support identification of trends in behaviors, to test hypotheses and to benchmark performance.

Phase 2
Program Development

Competitive analysis was conducted across a variety of regions and included both high and low performing regions as well as key competitors.  Several different scenarios were used during the data collection phase. This approach tested for differences between how various transaction types were handled and quantified how well employees were able to evaluate customer needs and respond accordingly.  

Phase 3

Results allowed the client to understand the differences between top performers and bottom performers, and to identify areas for improvement. The data collection showed that high performing regions performed certain behaviors significantly more often that low-performing regions.    

Additionally, the results showed that high performing competitors performed key behaviors in certain departments at a higher rate than both high and low performing client regions.

Required and Differentiating Behaviors

The results showed that certain behaviors in this department are “table stakes.” Customers expected these behaviors, but were not surprised or delighted by them. 

“Next level” behaviors were also necessary to drive a differentiated customer experience.  These behaviors go beyond a basic interaction to provide a deeper level of hospitality to customers. 

Recommendations to Client

To provide a differentiated experience within this department, TrendSource recommended the client focus on:

  1. Continuing to drive consistent delivery of required service behaviors
  2. Focus on improving delivery of differentiated behaviors
  3. Set expectations for and benchmark performance against high performing competitor


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