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COVID-19 Telecom Market Research: Purchases are Stagnant While Usage is Up

Posted by TrendSource on 3/31/20 8:54 AM

Think about what you did last weekend, just make a quick list. I bet it looks something like mine and like most everybody else’s: You streamed videos, played video games, video conferenced with friends and family, and had a virtual dress up party with a ‘quarantine couture’ theme (ok, that last one was probably just me). Whether you are locked down with the kids, with the love of your life, with the person you thought was the love of your life but quarantine has taught you is most definitely not, or you are alone, we’re all kinda basically doing the same thing here. 

So, whatever you did last weekend, I bet it relied on telecom products and services. 

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Topics: Market Research, Digital Technology, Telecommunications, COVID-19

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