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Banked it or Tanked it: Checking in on Our Retail and CPG Market Research Blog

Posted by TrendSource on 10/6/17 8:53 AM

...And we're back for part 2! Same rules as before--we're going to checkin on our market research blog, this time from a retail and CPG perspective, and see if our picks panned out or should just be panned.

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Topics: Market Research, Retail, Digital Technology, CPG, Sustainablity

The California Plastic Bag Ban

Posted by Nick Bravo on 12/1/16 12:18 PM

Do you know how many plastic bags  you use every year? Well, for the average American family it’s about 1,500—in California, where voters just upheld a ban on single-use plastic bags, that amounted to about 15 billion plastic bags each year. Supporters of the ban charged that plastic bags were wasteful and polluted cities, waterways, and oceans. Now, with election season over, grocery stores have already started to implement the law, refusing to provide customers with plastic bags and charging them for reusable alternatives. Grocers, manufacturers, and consumers are all adjusting to the change and also looking outside the state to see if this is merely a rare coastal exception or the beginning of a broader trend.

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Topics: Grocery, Sustainablity

Sick of Plastic Bottled Water, Consumers Turning to Reusable Glass

Posted by Nick Bravo on 9/20/16 7:28 AM

The average person should, we are told, drink roughly 64 ounces of water each day, and many of those daily ounces come from plastic bottles. Yet despite bottled water’s prominence if not dominance in the United States, sustainability-minded consumers are increasingly rejecting the fiscally and environmentally wasteful product, turning instead to reusable glass bottles made by brands like LifeFactory and Zula. LifeFactory alone has sold over $20 million of reusable bottles.

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Topics: CPG, Sustainablity

The Need for Sustainability Driving Change in the Grocery Industry

Posted by Heather Parker on 3/14/16 3:20 PM

The health conscious consumer is stretching far beyond concerns of saturated fats and calorie counting. Several considerations have entered the minds of consumers that play a significant role in buying decisions:  

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Topics: Consumer Insights, Grocery, Consumer Behavior, Sustainablity

Sustainability Makes its Way to Consumer Packaged Goods

Posted by Heather Parker on 1/5/16 12:38 PM

Every day, it seems consumers are less interested in frozen foods and canned vegetables and more interested in organic and free-range products. Companies going green is nothing new, but the changing needs of the consumer have led to the introduction of sustainability in the consumer packaged goods market. 

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Topics: CPG, Organic, Sustainablity

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