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Millennials, House Plants, and How Market Research Can Help Companies Target their Ideal Consumers

Posted by TrendSource on 8/19/21 11:13 AM

Houseplants are having their moment in the sun, and millennials are shining on them.

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Topics: millennials, Market Research, Marketing, COVID-19

How Market Research (And Corporate Values) Could Have Saved Activision Blizzard

Posted by TrendSource on 8/12/21 11:00 AM

On July 21, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (CDFH) filed suit against Activision Blizzard, one of the largest gaming companies in the world, accusing it of fostering a “frat boy” culture that subjects its female employees to sexual harassment, retaliation, and unequal pay.

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Topics: Market Research, Marketing, Labor

Juneteenth Finally Is Having Its Moment in the Spotlight; Corporations are Noticing

Posted by TrendSource on 6/18/21 11:40 AM

This Saturday is Juneteenth, a holiday celebrated in African American communities for over 150 years that has flown under the popular (white) cultural radar since its inception. But that has changed over the last two years as Black Lives Matter protests gained momentum and sparked interest from allies and attention from corporations.

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Topics: Market Research, Marketing, Political Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing and Advertising Market Research: Facebook, Apple, and Digital Tracking

Posted by TrendSource on 4/29/21 8:47 AM

With the release of iOS 14.5, Apple has made significant changes to how apps on its devices can track users for the purpose of targeted advertising. With its new App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy Apple gives users the choice to opt out of data tracking, meaning they can control what data companies can access and through which apps.

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Topics: Market Research, Marketing

Vaccination Promotions: What Market Research Says About Giveaways or Vaccinated Customers

Posted by TrendSource on 3/25/21 9:08 AM

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about post-pandemic marketing efforts, noting that companies are shifting the ways they talk to consumers as vaccination swings into overdrive. As we observed then, new ads built around perseverance (and oftentimes around sex) appear every day, as marketing tones necessarily shift.

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Topics: Market Research, Marketing, cannabis, COVID-19

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