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Disconnect: Mother’s Day Shoppers Not Meeting Mom’s Expectations

Posted by Heather Parker on 3/29/16 4:27 PM

Another year, another batch of Mother’s Day insights for retailers! Many consumers are already in planning mode (others haven’t given it a thought just yet). According to our 2016 Mother’s Day Consumer Insights Study, the majority of respondents begin thinking about their Mother’s Day purchases the month before the holiday; however, they don’t actually make their purchases until a week before.

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Topics: Market Research, Consumer Insights, Consumer Behavior, Mother's Day

The Need for Sustainability Driving Change in the Grocery Industry

Posted by Heather Parker on 3/14/16 3:20 PM

The health conscious consumer is stretching far beyond concerns of saturated fats and calorie counting. Several considerations have entered the minds of consumers that play a significant role in buying decisions:  

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Topics: Consumer Insights, Grocery, Consumer Behavior, Sustainablity

Mobile Technology Continues to Disrupt Traditional Holiday Shopping

Posted by Heather Parker on 2/16/16 1:00 PM

Historically, retailers have seen more foot traffic during the holiday shopping season than any other time of year. Yet like many other industries, the mobile movement is causing disruption to the traditional in-store experience.

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Topics: Consumer Insights, Consumer Research, Mobile, Consumer Surveys, Holiday Shopping, Consumer Behavior, Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Is Changing The Check-Out Experience

Posted by Nicolette Shasky on 11/30/15 7:00 AM

A hot new technology trend has hit the market, and several industries are taking advantage: the mobile checkout movement. We’ve seen what can be accomplished with beacon technology, so it’s no surprise that mobile has more capabilities that can further enhance the shopping experience.

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Topics: Food Service, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Grocery, Consumer Behavior, Retail, Mobile Technology

2015 Holiday Season: Consumer Buying Intentions Report

Posted by Heather Parker on 11/19/15 2:39 PM

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but those fall decorating ideas are getting pushed to the wayside in the blink of an eye as retailers prepare for the onslaught of holiday shoppers. The results of the 2015 Pre-Holiday Consumer Buying Intentions Study are in and full of insights for retailers!

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Topics: Consumer Insights, Consumer Research, Shopper Insights, Holiday Shopping, Consumer Behavior, Retail

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